Welcome to the Irish Heritage School (IHS)

‘Our mission is to provide university faculty and students with an unrivalled outdoor classroom, coupled with an engaging, welcoming and enriching cultural experience.’

We are Ireland’s leading provider of accredited, field-based:

Environmental Science Programs – providing a practical introduction to all aspects of the natural and cultural heritage of the Irish landscape, equipping students with skills and understanding that can subsequently be applied to the landscape of any part of the world.


Archaeological Research and Training Programs (under the aegis of the Irish Archaeology Field School) – providing an opportunity for students of archaeology and anthropology to experience at first hand the excitement of archaeological excavation in a teaching environment.


Service Learning Programs – combining the traditional attributes of Service Learning, with the added benefits of a unique holistic heritage experience. Our distinctive programs aim to bring you, your host community and their heritage together in innovative, imaginative ways, to engender positive changes within your host community.


Theatre and Performing Arts Programs – provide an opportunity to gain hands on experience of Ireland’s theatre and performing arts – including its history, literary background, international significance and current trends. Programs combine theatre, dance, music and art performances with field trips, site-specific tours and “meet the makers/artists” sessions. Students will be brought to a variety of productions of differing styles and scales, to gain an overview of Irish theatre and arts, from community and small-scale work to major productions.



cp022Customised Programs – working with your faculty and study abroad department to develop and successfully deliver unique heritage related study abroad options.



Our programs are open to all, and are guaranteed to give you an enriching and thoroughly worthwhile study abroad adventure.