Welcome to the Irish Heritage School (IHS)

‘Our mission is to provide university faculty and students with an unrivalled outdoor classroom, coupled with an engaging, welcoming and enriching cultural experience.’

The Irish Heritage School are Ireland’s leading provider of accredited, field-based, heritage themed study abroad programs. We run some of the foremost research and teaching projects in Ireland in both natural and cultural heritage spheres. Operating out of Birr (County Offaly) and Ferrycarrig (County Wexford) we work with a host of local partners to deliver programs of unrivalled quality and academic rigour. Our core expertise has four main areas:

  • Natural Heritage Programs – we provide a range of environmental science programs, exploring themes on biodiversity, sustainability, environmental management etc. Our expertise in environmental science means we are well equipped to plan and deliver any program related to natural heritage, land-use, environmental management etc.


  • Cultural Heritage Programs – under the aegis of the Irish Archaeology Field School, we provide a suite of cultural heritage programs, including archaeology, anthropology, history, geoarchaeology, experimental archaeology, forensic anthropology etc. Each program allows students to experience at first hand the excitement of archaeological excavation or research project in a supported teaching environment.


  • Community Engagement Programs – IHS operates in a small number of committed host communities, meaning extensive community buy in, significant local support and established community partnerships. Our ethos lends itself well to community engaged programs, especially Service Learning, but in reality, any faculty programs which wants to work with and understand Ireland at a community level.


  • Customised Programs – the IHS specialises in using both our experience and extensive academic and local partnerships to create unique one of a kind bespoke faculty led programs. While most past programs are ‘heritage related’ we have also created numerous programs outside this sphere, in disciplines such as Health, Arts, Literature, Religion, Tourism etc.