The Irish Archaeology Field School is the cultural heritage division of the Irish Heritage School, led by founders and company directors Dr Stephen Mandal and Dr Denis Shine.

Our mission is to provide university students with a first-class training in archaeological research and excavation, coupled with an engaging, welcoming and enriching cultural experience. We offer a suite of programs to individual students, as well as developing customized programs for faculty, in all fields of cultural heritage (including archaeology, anthropology, history, geoarchaeology, experimental archaeology, forensic anthropology etc).

All of our programs are undertaken within an established research framework led by a team of highly qualified and experienced academics/professional archaeologists. Our staff include full time academic, management and administration personnel, and our seasonal support staff.

Our primary excavation site is at Ferrycarrig, Wexford, where we are leading a major research project of the first ever Anglo-Norman castle in Ireland, dating to 1169 AD/CE! The project, ‘Digging the Lost Town of Carrick’ is in partnership with the Irish National Heritage Park. In addition to our marquee project in Wexford, we have also supported, and continue to support, community and academic research driven projects and student research at a host of locations throughout the country, including several in the midlands of Ireland. The IAFS website contains detailed information on each of these projects as well as all our Cultural Heritage Programs