Are IHS programs proceeding in 2020?

We made the extremely difficult decision to cancel all our 2020 summer field schools back in March. However, Ireland is now entering an accelerated exit from its lockdown, meaning we are now looking forward to our 2021 programs (see here) with great excitement, when we can finally deliver on our 2020 plans including the most exciting research we have ever planned!

What is proceeding in 2020?

Our John’s Hall project in Birr continues apace (see here). We are also working on a number of public archaeology/heritage events in 2020 and recently delivered our first online course – fully credited – in Forensic Anthropology (here). We will also be incredibly active on all our social media channels, so please look for further details on our work there. Meanwhile we continue to research, publish, report write, complete post-excavation etc (as well as work on some new surprises for 2021 ?).

Where can I find out more information on COVID-19 in Ireland?

We strongly recommend students keep updated on COVID-19 only from official health service sites. In Ireland, our Health Service Executive, provides up-to-date verified information on COVID-19 at

If I sign up for and IHS program for 2021 and it’s cancelled (or if there is a second wave of COVID-19) will I receive a refund?

If we cancel one of our programs full refunds will be issued (minus any associated bank charges). For students attending us through the Institute for Field Research (IFR), please note that we do not collect any of these fees and are only issued payment just before the field school commences. However, we have sought, and been provided with assurances from the IFR that they will also issue refunds in the event of cancellation.

In the unlikely event that we are again forced to cancel a program, we do however suggest students strongly consider switching to a later IHS program.

If I sign up for a future program that is not cancelled, but my parents or home institution will not allow me to travel, will I receive a refund?

Yes and No(!)

For programs we deliver on behalf of the Institute for Field Research (IFR), the IFR manage admissions and payments. IFR advise that their policy is that students who pay the full tuition and ask for a refund BEFORE the final payment date (listed on each program web page) are entitled to a refund of the tuition paid, minus the non-refundable deposit – however, please consult their Terms and Conditions for further information.

For other IHS programs please see our Terms and Conditions here.

I signed up for a program this summer. Will my flight be refunded if a program is cancelled?

Students are responsible for purchasing their own airline tickets and therefore IHS will not be responsible for refunding travel costs incurred due to cancellation. Please note that currently all travel insurance policies exclude COVID-19 infections. We have consistently advised students to hold off on purchasing airline tickets until as late as possible – and/or pay an additional fee for ‘flexi’ fares or cancellation insurance.

Will I have to self-isolate when I arrive in Ireland?

According to current government advice (6th July 2020) visitors to Ireland are required to quarantine for two weeks upon arrival. However, this is expected to be lifted for several countries in the next couple of weeks, with other countries to follow in 2020 as they get the COVID-19 virus ‘contained’. We do not expect any self-isolation measures to be in place by the time of our next programs.

What else is the IHS doing to help students?

At the IHS we are doing all we can to assist our students. If you have any queries at all please email and one of our Course Directors will get back to you personally.

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