The Irish Heritage School is deeply embedded in and committed to the communities in which it operates

All IHS programs are built on an inclusive, partnership approach, with the underlying ethos that for a program to be successful, it must be of tangible value to the local community. The IHS only work within local communities, with whom we have long-standing and committed relationships, who are positioned at the core of each of our programs. This ethos marks us aside from every other provider in the country. Our community engagement takes many forms including: supporting local research initiatives; filtering economic benefits from the program to the host community; fostering economic growth within local communities (especially through tourism); supporting grassroot partnerships to academic institutions; training, outreach and education; partnering with local organisations, charities, trusts and NFPs. The Irish Heritage School offers Service Learning Programs for groups of participants lead by a faculty member. Find out more about our service learning programs here:

Service Learning Programs


The Irish Heritage School (under the auspices of The Irish Archaeology Field School) is engaged in a number of research projects, including collaborations with established academics, student graduate research, and community groups.
To find out more about our various research projects, research resources and output please visit the following page:

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